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Quality and Excellence
At Utkata we are committed to exceeding customer expectations through excellence in delivery with a very keen focus on processes leading to increased customer and employee satisfaction. Utkata has in use a Quality Management System (QMS) that has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 QMS Standards.
The objectives of our Quality Management system are:
To add value to the customer
  To save time and energy - make processes lean and mean
  To bring in the best practices from industry
  To integrate processes across all functions enabling seamless growth
Process Renaissance
We persevere to redefine and constantly align processes to meet ever-changing business needs. Utkata has embarked on a Process Renaissance initiative as part of its thrust in improved quality of service to clients within desired time frames and costs. This is a conscious re-look at existing processes.

This initiative in its first phase addressed delivery related processes while in the next phase we have taken up non-delivery processes to be defined, published and institutionalized.

Process Governance
A sound process governance mechanism helps ensure compliance to the defined processes and provides advanced insights on levels of control.

Process Compliance Indices
Process Compliance Indices indicate the compliance to applicable processes and are a direct result of an audit. These facilitate projects to improve the compliance levels constantly.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Satisfaction Surveys are used to capture the overall experience of customers with the services provided by Utkata. Feedback is collected twice a year during the project life and even beyond project execution. The objective is to identify areas for improvement and follow it up, if need be, with Get Well Clinics to bridge the gaps. The targets are moved up to be constantly aware of contributing to our customers initiatives and to improve on the value addition we provide to them.

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